An Analysis of Ariana Grande Tracks

Ben Rosenberg


About the data

The data are composed of around 90 to 95 different Ariana Grande tracks, from 11 different albums. As can be seen below, the features include Title, Album, Date (release year), BPM, and Objective Rating. The last of these categories was handcrafted by your truly (me, not the song).


We'll start with an analysis of BPM. Investigating a possible relationship between BPM and Objective Rating produces no significant results:

It appears that BPM is relatively normally distributed. Not much to report here.

Objective Rating

Now let's move onto analyzing the data by Objective Rating. First, we'll look at the average Objective Ratings of each album:

There are some obvious outliers here -- the "albums" MONOPOLY, boyfriend, and Put Your Hearts Up are just singles, which is why MONOPOLY and boyfriend manage to have such high ratings (and Put Your Hearts Up manages to suck). Similarly, Charlie's Angels is essentially a single (the data have only one track from said album). Positions (Deluxe) is another smaller album in our data, as repeats from Positions were not double-counted.

Now let's look at the Objective Ratings by track:

These ratings appear to be reasonably distributed, if a little left-skewed. Notably, some tracks are awful:

...while some were bangers:

That's the end of this phase of the analysis. In the next phase, we'll look at lyrics and maybe other features.